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The PEGShow

May 28, 2020

Robin English-Bircher and Sean Tait-Bircher join Ron to talk about their upcoming project, Die! Daikaiju, Die!, as well as cover the news and clear up some confusion on Support rolls.

Texas Wine Lover
Lost Colony Freebies!
GRAmel Books
Support the Butterfly Project

Music: The Beach is No Place to Stare At Your Phone by...

May 14, 2020

Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord Server owners, Donovan Bailey and Kristian Serrano, joined Ron to talk about the origins of the Discord server and the news. The rule topic for this episode was Initiative Options.

Unofficial Savage Worlds Discord Server
Immortal: Gates of Pyre RTS
The Immaterial Plane

May 7, 2020 creator Jeffrey Gordon joined Ron on this week's PEGShow to cover the news and talk Dramatic Tasks.

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