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The PEGShow

Jun 25, 2020

Brian Reeves joined Ron to talk about Islands of Fire, his setting for The Savage Sign 02, currently on Kickstarter. They also talked about how modifiers are applied when a character has Racial Traits that also apply. Ron covered the news from his vacation.

The Savage Sign 02 on Kickstarter
Island Warrior Series by...

Jun 18, 2020

Ed Wetterman joined Ron to talk about his Harlem Hellfighters story, The Hell Fighter. They covered the news and discussed the cost of maintaining powers in SWADE.

Give to the Innocence Project
On Equality and Justice
Harlem Hellfighters Bundle
Savage Gear Shop
Dog House Rules on DTRPG

Music: The Beach is No Place to...

Jun 11, 2020

Eugene Marshall (Arcanist Press) joined Ron to discuss the Savage Sign 02, currently in crowdfunding on Kickstarter. They also covered the news and talked about Traits above d12 in Savage Worlds.

Sigil Entertainment Group
The Savage Sign 02 Kickstarter
Ancenstry & Culture (for 5E)
Deadlands: Lost Colony Figure Flats

Jun 4, 2020

Dylan "SteelDraco" Brooks joins Ron to talk about his SWAG products, cover the news, and discuss GM Bennies.

Modern Monsters
Summoner's Circle
Deadlands: Lost Colony/Wendigo Tales: Volume One PledgeManager
Deadlands: Lost Colony Bookmark
The SWAG Program

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